Literature, History and Geography

Course Listing and Description

Instructor: Moseley
Literature and History/Geography
Instructor: Moseley
LT513 Mishnah I                                             3 credits
The   historical   development,   structure,   and   context   of Judaism’s Oral Law.

LT523 Mishnah II                                           3 Credits
A continuation of Mishnah I, with an in-depth look into the
six orders and tractates of the Mishnah.

LT553 Wisdom of Ancient Jewish Sages       3 credits                                                                                                Examines the teachings of first-century Judaism’s great thinkers and their influence in
Jewish and Christian culture.

HG733 Claudian Emperors                            3 Credits

An in-depth look at the emperors of Rome and their significant political contributions and
influence to Roman society and religious reforms.

 HG553 Josephus I                                         3 Credits
A study of the life and times of Josephus the Jewish historian and his contribution to our
understanding of the first-century church, as well as the Mediterranean world at large.