Dr. Berryhill has been involved in Christian education for
twenty-five years, assisting in the development of a two-year
Bible school, two four-year college programs, and a graduate
study program. She has completed research in biblical history,
Hebrew language, ancient culture, historical and counseling,
research writing, and business and academic contemporary women’s studies, ethics, character education administration.
Currently, Dr. Berryhill serves as an adjunct faculty member for the American
Institute for Advanced Biblical Studies, in Sherwood, Arkansas, founder and
president of Jubilee Christian College (1994-present); co-director of the Graduate
School of Biblical Studies (2005-present), and president and director of
Women Restored Ministries (1995-present). Dr. Berryhill completed a Doctor
of Philosophy from Oxford Graduate School, in Dayton, TN, and was
awarded the Doctor of Letters in April 2007. She has also studied at Jerusalem
University College in Jerusalem, Israel, and Oxford University, Oxford, England

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