History and Geography

History and Geography

HG123 Bible and the West Bank         3 Credits
its Explores the history of the current Arab-Israeli conflict and the biblical perspectives
concerning this small but significant and hotly-contested strip of land along the Jordan River east of Jerusalem.

HG133 Canon of Scripture                    3 Credits
An historical examination of how the present-day Bible was compiled and the people and events connected with this centuries-long process.

HG143 Facts About Israel                    3 Credits
A research course which covers information such as climate, economics, Middle Eastern politics, customs, and culture. For research courses, students are responsible for developing lectures from suggested reading lists and course outline.

HG153 Geography                               3 Credits                                                                                A  study  of  the  geology, geography, history,  and Biblical significance of the terrain of
the Holy Land.

HG163 His-Story of the Church I          3 Credits
Traces the origins and development of the Christian Church, from the time of Jesus through the Reformation.

HG173 His-Story of the Church II        3 Credits
Continuation of Part I with study of Roman traditions and the major Gnostic groups.
Instructor: Mosel


HG193 Tour of Twelve Cities              3 Credits
its An illustrated guide to the historical, cultural, archaeological and scriptural significance of such cities as Tiberius, Pella, Hebron, and Gamla.

HG203 His-Story of the Church III     3 Credits
Continuation of Part II with focus on the individuals who were  most  responsible  for
leadership  and  formation  of church theology after it left its Jewish roots.


HG213 History of Jerusalem                3 Credits
From the earliest known records to the modern state of Is- rael, an overview of
history-shaping events involving one of the oldest and most important cities in the world.

HG233 World History                          3 Credits
A review of whom many scholars consider to be the most significant individuals in the history of the ancient world, from the first pharaoh to Thomas Aquinas.

HG303 The Sabbath/Sunday Controversy   3 credits
Designed to answer questions that have been plaguing Christians since before the Middle Ages such as: Is Sabbath the same as Sunday? Can we keep Sabbath on whatever day we want, as long as we take a day of rest? When and why did worship on Sunday begin? This course re-examines several of the New Testament texts commonly used by most Christhians today to negate the necessity for keeping the Sabbath.